Price, Quality & Service

No doubt you’ve heard the marketing adage Price, Service & Quality …. pick your favourite two.

When you’re choosing a studio all three are important. Whilst an Utter Professionals subscription is up to 30% cheaper than some of our competitors, we simply don’t compete on price.

Since Utter Professionals opened our studios in 2003 we have never lost a client to a competitor. It’s our outstanding quality and service that truly sets Utter Professionals apart.

In 99% of cases, our clients receive their fully produced messaging updates within one day of confirming their new script – and generally within a few hours.

We charge $59 for each strategic update to your telephone message. Compare that to the price of retaining an experienced marketing consultant to carefully draft your new script, co-ordinate professional voice talent and pay for studio time…it’s a bargain!

So, when it comes to moving quickly to promote a short-term sales event or to advise your callers of breaking news, just let us know. Chances are we’ll do the recording, post-production and have your new programme playing for your callers before COB today.